Making A Lasting Impact in the City of Westminster

The Westminster Community Foundation enriches the spirit and identity of Westminster now and for future generations by inspiring positive change. We partner with the people and businesses of Westminster to mobilize resources to strengthen our community.

Established as a community foundation in 2001, the Westminster Community Foundation serves as the leader, catalyst and resource for philanthropy in our city. The Foundation works to strengthen our community by supporting the programs, projects, initiatives and nonprofits in WCF’s priority areas - Advancing a Thriving Community, City Beautiful, and Elevating Our Youth - with a focus on endeavors that give Westminster residents the opportunities they need to thrive and that strengthen our humanity.

We serve our mission by being the leader and catalyst of philanthropy in Westminster to support valued, inclusive, just and meaningful causes, projects, initiatives, nonprofits and programs that are beneficial to the city and the residents of Westminster.

We also provide donors with flexible means of making gifts and bequests to support the charitable causes that make the City of Westminster the outstanding community that it is today. It is through the generosity of our supporters that we have been able to donate more than $1 million back to the community.

The Westminster Community Foundation's vision is to have a thriving, dynamic, and prosperous Westminster community by leaving strong legacies that enrich and positively impact the city.
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To advance philanthropy and good works in Westminster inspiring positive change.
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To have a thriving, dynamic, and prosperous Westminster community by leaving strong legacies that enrich and positively impact the city - now and for future generations.
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Impactful Philanthropy, Community Collaboration, and Inclusive Giving.
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Executive Director
Linsie Eriksen Hewitt
Director of Finance and Administration
Anika Obrecht
Events and Marketing Intern
Katy DeNezza
Research, Marketing, and Events Intern
President of the Board
Trial Attorney and Outside General Counsel, Robinson Waters & O'Dorisio
Executive Director of Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness
Retired CFO, Ubiterra Corporation
Retired Executive Director, the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks & Aquariums
Board Member
Realtor, Your Castle Realty
Board Member
Westminster City Council Member
Board Member
Director, Parks Recreation & Libraries, City of Westminster

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In the late 1990s, then-Westminster Mayor Nancy Heil had a vision. With charitable assistance in Westminster often divided according to county lines, Heil saw the value in creating an organization that could provide charitable support to the entire City of Westminster. In 2001, Mayor Heil and a dedicated group of volunteers formed the Westminster Community Foundation, originally called the Westminster Legacy Foundation, to support programs and projects that strengthen and enhance the Westminster community and its residents.

From 2001-2017, this community foundation ran on the power of volunteers! During this time, these amazing volunteers were able to produce special events and steward some long-time donors. This work allowed the Foundation to give community grants to worthy entities, programs and projects as well as leave legacies, such as, the Armed Forces Tribute Garden and the Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park! 
2008: Armed Forces Tribute Garden
The Westminster Legacy Foundation partnered with the City of Westminster and cultivated donors within the community to contribute $178,000 toward the Armed Forces Tribute Garden. The Garden is dedicated to those men and women who have previously served or currently serve our country in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. The Tribute Garden is an enduring homage to the commitment and patriotism of those individuals who have sacrificed and committed to protecting the United States and her national security interests. Family, friends or anyone who wants to honor a service member from any branch of the armed forces; they may order engraved bricks that memorialize these deserving individuals.
2013: Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park
The Westminster Community Foundation along with the entire Westminster and Colorado community mourned the loss of Jessical Ridgeway, a 10-year-old Westminster resident who was tragically kidnapped while walking to school. Jessica eventually was killed during the commission of this heinous crime. WCF listened to the outcry of the community to find a way to memorialize this lovely, young girl who loved the color purple, enjoyed the great outdoors and dreamed of one day becoming a Denver Broncos cheerleader. Through generous donations and grants from the Westminster and Colorado communities, the Westminster Community Foundation was able to support this project with $130,000. This space was created to honor 10-year-old Westminster resident, Jessica Ridgeway. The purple throughout the park reflects Jessica’s love of the color and the community’s love of Jessica.
2017: First Executive Director Hired
From 2001- 2017, the work of the Westminster Community Foundation was carried out by dedicated, hard-working volunteers. Ready to make a more meaningful impact in the community, WCF’s board members decided that it was time to hire a leader to move the foundation’s goals forward. In late 2016, WCF’s board of directors partnered with the City of Westminster to create a cost-sharing approach for the new hire. This approach allowed the Westminster Community Foundation to still make positive advancements within the community as the City absorbed part of the new hire’s salary, provided office space and basic administrative support. This arrangement was solidified by an intergovernmental agreement approved by City Council. In 2017, the first full-time staff was hired.
2018: Nature Playground at Westminster Station Park
Upon recognizing the importance of connecting kids to nature, the Westminster Community Foundation decided to take on another outdoor recreation project that provides opportunities for play and connecting to nature for all residents, especially our youth.. The one-of-a-kind playground was constructed in Historic Westminster adjacent to the then recently-opened Westminster Light Rail Station connecting our city to Denver’s Union Station. WCF contributed $200,000 to this project. The Nature Playground is an innovative, nationally-recognized and accessible playground for children of all ages. The Nature Playground at Westminster Station Park opened in 2021.
2020-2022: COVID Pandemic Creates a Pivot
As we all sheltered in place beginning in March 2020 because of the COVID pandemic, nonprofits faced new and unprecedented challenges and opportunities. It had a major impact on resources and caused an increase in demand for services and support. The Westminster Community Foundation, like many others, was forced to pivot their model in order to provide assistance to the expanding needs of the Westminster Community. Over the course of the pandemic and with the help of 207 donors, the Westminster Community Foundation was able to provide $75,000 in COVID-19 relief aid.
  • Providing funds to 11 nonprofits and 12 local businesses
  • Delivering 1,216 grocery bags of food to Westminster students
  • Donating 40,000 pounds of food to community pantries
  • Providing 194 nights of temporary shelter for the unhoused
  • Assisting the City of Westminster in permanently providing shelter for 6 people
2021: Mobile Shower and Laundry Truck Program Overview
In 2021, the Westminster Community Foundation worked with donors and sponsors to bring a mobile shower and laundry truck to Westminster’s Irving Street Library for our unhoused neighbors. A mobile trailer was outfitted with a series of four fully functioning shower bays and stocked with the necessary hygiene supplies for unhoused community members to enjoy a free, warm and refreshing shower. This mobile service served over 100 individuals each month during its tenure at the library.

The Mobile Laundry Service, run by Bayaud Enterprises, was also stationed at the Irving Street Library in the southern part of Westminster. Residents either experiencing homelessness or hailing from financially-fragile households were able to utilize this service. Participants were able to have two (2) ten-pound bags of clothes and bedding laundered and folded for them. The truck equipped with six (6) washers and six (6) dryers was able to accommodate thirty (30) loads of laundry every three (3) hours. Hundreds of Westminster residents were able to utilize the Mobile Laundry Service
Continuing to Serve Our Community
A lot of changes have happened over the past few years, but the Westminster Community Foundation is moving forward with big ideas and continuing to make an impact. Back by popular demand, the foundation will be reinstating our Community Grants Program that will provide funding to local organizations serving the Westminster community. We are looking forward to bringing back many of our beloved events including the J. & Nancy Heil Tribute Golf Invitational, the Community Awards Breakfast and more!
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